Today, I lost my best friend …

Lane & Buck ca 1963Michael (Buck) Roy and I have been friends for nearly 60 years now. During that time, we were like the closest of brothers. In fact, he lived with my family for a spell when we were teenagers. He went to be with the Lord this morning around 9am.

In a way, I am glad he’s gone, because he suffered with Lewy Body Dementia. He was aware he was quite literally losing his mind, and as expected, it scared him, and not many things scared Buck. It would scare me, too. I know he would not want to live in his own private hell of non-existence, dealing with the frightful hallucinations he was having as a result of the LBD.

He’s at peace now.

It is hard to put into words one’s feelings for another after being so close for so long. We shared so many adventures together, some of which I have written about here and here and here. (And I will write more as they come to mind.) We spent many a night around a campfire, discussing things that made no sense to us and things that did, solving the world’s problems and maybe helping aggravate a few. Our minds worked so much alike, it was scary. I suppose that is what drew us to each other.

Buck, which is what all of us who knew him from childhood called him, was one of the most outgoing people I ever knew. He could strike up a conversation with anyone about anything, even if he knew nothing of the subject. It was very hard to not like Buck. It was very hard not to smile when around him for any but the briefest periods. We did smile a lot, and we did laugh a lot, and we even wept on each other’s shoulders when we were hurting inside.

We knew the other would be there when we needed help, have each other’s back in a fight, even down to burying the body if it ever came to that.

Buck is gone now, but will never be forgotten. The best part of his passing is I know I will see him again in eternity. You see, when he was a teenager, Buck accepted Christ as his Savior. He went forward at a Billy Graham Crusade in New Orleans. Our separation will, therefore, be only temporary. And once again we can sit around a campfire, this time in Heaven, and swap tales.

In the meantime, I am going to really miss him.


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11 responses to “Today, I lost my best friend …

  1. My deepest condolences in his passing. May God grant peace to all who loved him as you did.

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  2. Candy Charters

    Lane, you have my deepest sympathies. Our Dad died of LBD in January of last year; it’s as devastating a disease as Alzheimer’s, and doesn’t get all the publicity A does. I’m particularly sorry, though, since I feel sure Buck was much younger than Dad, who passed at 87. But, like Buck, I know we’ll see him again when we go home to be with our Lord. Thanks for sharing.

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  3. Lane, I am so sorry. Hard to believe anything could defeat Buck, a black belt in Karate and one of the toughest guys you want to meet…but with a kind heart. Sorry, Lane. I know how close you were to him. Our deepest sympathies to his family and to his best friend…you. I love you cousin.

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  4. John Ritter

    Lane, I am very sorry for your loss. I only knew Buck thru your stories but I know he must have been a great man and a greater friend.

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  5. We do not know each other, but I am very sorry for your loss just as well. When I lost a close friend, a piece of me and my childhood was gone. No words can help, all we can do is remember them and you’ve given him a wonderful tribute here.

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  6. Donna DeRoche-Smith

    Lane, although we are friends on Facebook, I’m not sure if I knew you when we were growing up. But this story touched my heart deeply, and yes, I am so sorry for your loss, but, also agree that Buck is now free, being with our Lord and Savior. I pray that the time you have left here, will be with happy memories of your wonderful friend, Buck, and your grief and pain are eased by our Lord, Jesus Christ.

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  7. It seems as we get older we lose more and more of our friends and relatives. I am glad you have your faith to see you through this tough time. You gave your friend a great tribute.

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  8. Rose Styron

    Lane, my deepest sympathy to you and all who knew Buck. Over the past years I have heard a few stories about you and Buck and how close you were. It gives me great joy to know he is at eternal rest; no more sorrows, no more pain and we will see him again in eternity future. May the Lord give his family and friends joy and peace.

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  9. Patricia Broxham

    I have never met you but you unify hearts…mine being one of them. Buck was so blessed to have your understanding, your unconditioned walk beside him, the combination of all the moments designed only for you both which shall never ever to be duplicated…those exquisite blendings which Life Gifts carefully….the fullest and most abundant harvest of the meaning of friendship. Life also gifts us with memories…to be in the center of and walk slowly the 360 it offers….I am nourished in those moments. And now to anticipate all he is gathering, now, to share with you one day is still another Gift. We pause with you and give gratitude for the privilege you experienced with Buck.

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