Ejecting Injectables

Been going back and forth with a friend via email concerning injecting flavoring into meat with a hypodermic or dedicated meat injector. He had an issue with his and ended up ejecting what he was injecting all over the kitchen, and that kinda reminded me of a similar incident that happened to me in the Air Force.

I got sick on mid-shift and went immediately to Sick Call as soon as I got off duty. It turned out to be a bladder infection, but the Doc decided I needed some kind of allergy tests and sent me over to CBPO (Central Base Processing Office) and a young Airman Medic there for him to administer the tests. The tests amounted to him filling a hypo with a couple of CCs of whatever and injecting it just under the first layer of skin on my forearm to form a blister. I suppose if I had a reaction, it would show up as a red inflammation on the skin around the little injected blister of whatever on my forearm.

Young Airman Medic carefully inserted the needle at a raking angle, hooked the skin and penetrated, but pushed a bit too far, and the needle exited about a quarter inch away from insertion point. He then calmly withdrew the needle so its point was back inside the skin and hit the plunger—launching a stream of whatever out of the exit hole and across the room. Much embarrassed, he had to start over.

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  1. Richard A Caire

    Heh …


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