Catahoula Chronicles Series – The three published books of the Catahoula Chronicles series cover a span of nine years, beginning in June of 1856 at Catahoula Plantation along the Red River in Louisiana and concludes in 1867 back at Catahoula Plantation. All three books can be stand-alone reads because each has its own conflicts and conclusions. But be forewarned: While Book 1 – The Last Day of Forever has its own conclusion, the included first chapter from Book 2 – An Eternity of Four Years leaves you with the sense the story continues with a whole new set of conflicts. And An Eternity of Four Years also has its own conclusion but the included chapter from The Avenging Angel leads right into that book. While it is possible to read any of the three of this series without reading the others first, I highly recommend reading them in order to truly get a feel for the characters and the conflicts they experience.

Book 1 – The Last Day of Forever takes place during the period between 1856 and April 1861, the beginning of the Civil War. Purchase details here.

Book 2 – An Eternity of Four Years picks up the story and carries it through to the conclusion of the war in 1865. Purchase details here.

Book 3 – The Avenging Angel takes the story into “Reconstruction” after the war. Coming in the summer of 2016. Purchase details here.

Book 4 — Buffalo Woman picks up the story five years after the conclusion of Book 3 — The Avenging Angel. Purchase at Amazon.

1943 – Road Trip – Searching for Miss Betty on a WWII Harley-Davidson – This book deviates from the Catahoula Series, which is historical romance and military action/adventure. 1943 is a romantic comedy road trip that takes place in current times with “over-the-top” characters and situations. Purchase details here.

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