Chicken Update

I am sad to report that some critter killed my last two chickens! I am suspecting coons. Found one body but not the other. I’m in avenge mode now, but so far, a baited trap has not caught the culprit.

Calm down! I use a live catch kind of trap and relocate the “trapee.” Just don’t ask where they get relocated to and in what condition the “trapee” will be in upon arrival there. Best you not know these things.

I intend to convert the chicken coop into a cat house. No, not that kind! A cat house for my feral cats.


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3 responses to “Chicken Update

  1. The high school across the road from us has a large chicken enclosure. I was speaking with one of the horticultural teachers recently about how they fixed the problem of foxes getting in.
    They’ve replaced the wire sides of the enclosure with longer pieces that didn’t stop at ground level but sit (secured) around the entire enclosure for at least a metre out.
    This extra wire was then covered in dirt, leaves etc. It seems to be working because they’ve not lost another chook to date.


    • I have read about this method. My run has a concrete floor with sand spread over it to protect their feet from its surface. Either they got my two before they went to roost or soon after and before I locked them in for the night. But I found no evidence they were attacked in the coop or run. (They free-ranged during the day.) Thanks for your tip.


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