Proof Copies Have Arrived!


Last Day BooksI just received two proof copies of The Last Day of Forever. I want to tell you, it is an awesome feeling to hold a real live book in your hands with your name on it as the author!

These will be gone over carefully one last time before publishing. I already see some things I need to fix in the cover image and internal formatting, and I haven’t even begun reading it for errors.

I am thinking (hoping) this last step won’t take more than two weeks to get to hitting the “publish” button.

We are getting closer!


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6 responses to “Proof Copies Have Arrived!

  1. bob manard

    let me know where I can buy a copy. Bobby

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  2. Congratulations, Lane! There are 60 members of my writer’s group. They all have the same reaction when a proof copy arrives! God Bless!

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  3. Laurelee

    Congrats!!!! Thanks for letting me tag along. It has been exciting to be a small part of your journey. I am ready to buy a copy, too.

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  4. Rose Styron

    This is great news, let me know when and where I can get a copy.

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    • Vicki Roussel

      Whoa! What a beautiful sight. I just today noticed this REPLY option and I never pass up an opportunity to open my mouth. No news to you! I am happy for you and to see B1 in official paper form. When it becomes available , I call shotgun. Vicki

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