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The Last Day of Forever a prop in a movie?

Whenever my sister, Jeanne, does anything, it is with “gusto.” She is reading The Last Day of Forever right now, and it goes where she goes.

Jeanne BankShe is also an actress and has had quite a few small parts in local movie and TV productions. A few I recall are Left Behind, Bonnie and Clyde, and at least one NCIS NOLA from this past season, but they are many more. She even had a speaking role in Bonnie and Clyde. If you saw the movie, she was one of the “gossiping ladies” walking past Bonnie Parker’s mother’s house. (If you ask her, she may give you an autograph!)

She is working in another movie I can’t name yet, and she is in a bank robbery scene. Jeanne is a customer in the bank, and she has a prop. Guess what it was? That’s right, The Last Day of Forever, which she was reading while waiting for her camera call. But they wouldn’t allow her to show the title!

I will let Jeanne describe the scene. “Anyway in the scene, I am writing out checks and deposits at the center counter … The book (on my left) along with a checkbook, deposit slip and some invoices are spread out on the counter, but the book is face down and at one point I rest my arm on it while filling out the forms. Damn, isn’t that a lot of action going on in the background that most people don’t even realize they are seeing?”

Jeanne AnaleeYou may be able to see it (sans title) in the movie when it comes out. Once it is released, I can reveal the title.

She even gets into the part when just reading. Here she is dressed as Analee as she continues The Last Day of Forever. 😉


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